Item YME23001

Scoot around the reef with the Yamaha Explorer Recreational Seascooter. Ideal for young snorkelers or junior open water divers, kids 8 and up can enjoy the fun of zipping through the waves. The Explorer features a compact design that’s easy for kids to steer. It’s fully waterproof and packed with safety features. A mesh grill keeps fingers and toes away from the spinning fan. The auto-shutoff and dual trigger features ensure that the Explorer only turns on when your child is ready for adventure. The scooter is positively buoyant in saltwater, so it will float to the surface for easy recovery if dropped. Attach an action camera to the included GoPro compatible mount for instant memories.

Depth rated to 30ft/10m
Fully waterproof construction is ready to hit the waves
Compact design is easy to pack for a beach trip or weekend vacation
Ultra safe design including safety grill, auto shutoff, and dual trigger operation
Positively buoyant in saltwater so it will float to the surface if dropped
Attachable mount for a GoPro Camera to record your adventures
Removable, rechargeable battery
For ages 8 and up

Run time: 60m with normal use
Depth Rating: 30ft / 10m
Max Speed: 2.5mph / 4km/h
Weight (Including Battery): 11.5lb / 5.2kg
Dimensions: 11.77” x 11.10” x20.5” / 299mm x 282mm x 520mm
Positively buoyant in salt water. Negative buoyancy in fresh water
For ages 8 and up

Fully waterproof construction
Extremely compact design, Safety features including safety grille, auto shut-off and dual trigger operation.

GoPro camera not included.